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Memoirs of a Cast of Thousands | Directed by Rosemary Lee with Sally Sykes | photograph Catherine Heatherington

Chisenhale Dance Space is a home for risk and experimentation in dance and performance. Situated in the heart of Tower Hamlets for over 30 years, Chisenhale Dance Space is responsive to the needs of its local and artistic communities whilst striving for artistic and organisational resilience.

Chisenhale Dance Space has an active and diverse artistic community, contributing to and influencing the programme, supporting the space and advocating for our core values.

As an organisation we work across three strands:
Artistic development
Community and education
Affordable home for dance making

In our role as educators of children we are committed to best practices in safeguarding their well-being.
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Chisenhale showcases edgy work

The Guardian

A home for artists experimenting with ideas outside the mainstream

Time Out


Executive Producer Dr R. Justin Hunt
Projects Producer Natalie Huntley-Clarke
Admin and Operations Coordinator Nick Murray
Associate Producer, Education Sheena Khanna
Marketing & Education Assistant: Ania Straczynska
Children’s Creative Dance Facilitator 
Robyn Holder
IT Support: Robert Filkins
Website Design & Hosting: Hans de Kretser Associates

CDS is fortunate to have an outstanding team of Volunteers & Work Exchange Associates that support the daily operations of the charity. A full list of our volunteers and information on volunteering at CDS is available here.


Jane Greenfield (Co-Chair)
Nikki Tomlinson (Co-Chair)
Steven Brett
Eleanor Hartwell
Naomi Jones
Mia Liu