What is CDS Membership?

It is a relationship of mutual support and artistic opportunity. Our members are a group of artists, producers, and related practitioners who work cooperatively to support one another, and CDS, to develop work within the fields of dance and performance.

Most of our members’ practice has a focus on movement or the body at its core; they work across diverse fields of visual and performance arts. Educators, facilitators, makers, producers, directors, choreographers, writers, dancers: each have a home at CDS.

Annual Artistic Membership at CDS runs from 1st April to 31st March, annually. Artists will need to rejoin each year if they want to continue Membership.

Check out our current roster of Members here.

For a one-sheet on Membership click below:

Opportunities & Benefits

Member’s can access benefits in three areas of the organisation:

Space  |  Community  |  Development

Unique discounts, exclusive opportunities and an active network of peer to peer support operate cooperatively with CDS as a public charity.

As well, all Members receive exclusive access to CDS’  Allotment programme and Allotment Fund.

From 2016 the Artist Members have mutually agreed to support the organisation through a “give or get” donation scheme. These monies collected form the Allotment Fund. In this way individual donations benefit the whole membership structure. Members may apply twice annually for seed funding grants directly from CDS. 

How to apply

Choosing to become part of CDS’ membership should be a considered decision.

Those interested in joining as an Artist Member need to be nominated by two existing members and complete an application form.

Application Form click below:
Membership Application Form 2017

Please download the form, fill out and return with a CV to membership@chisenhaledancespace.co.uk

If you do not currently know our Artist Members then begin to engage with our programme, all information is available here.

Membership applications in 2017/2018 will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Membership is reviewed twice annually, in April & October. The next time applications will be reviewed now is in April 2018. 

All enquiries may be made by email to membership@chisenhaledancespace.co.uk