Move me

Move me
Led by Ann Shuptrine
10:30am-12pm (studio opens at 10:15am), Research Studio 
£10/£8 Concession

Weekly morning movement meditation class to get things moving on the inside and out.

With no dance steps to learn, we will follow instincts and simple invitations to spark curiosity. Dancing to a varied musical soundscape, we’ll move to find presence…to question…to feel and allow possibilities to emerge in the moment.

Open Floor is a movement meditation practice and lively dance inquiry. The emphasis in Open Floor is to awaken our sensate experience, emotional intelligence, relational skills, and our mindful awareness.

Term Schedules

August –  Break
September  – December  – Classes begin 13 Sep and end 13 Dec

About the Teacher:

Ann Shuptrine is an Artist and Facilitator currently training as an Open Floor Movement teacher and as a Gestalt Practitioner. Central to Ann’s practise is the search for artistry in the everyday human experience.

More information about the sessions are available via the Facebook group.