Coffee Morning
Tuesday 05 December
11am – 2pm-ish

Always free
Rant. Chat. Eat.


Hosted by Eve Stainton & Sara Sassanelli

Through conversations about making work/watching work we have been thinking about desire. How can making work be a vehicle for representing wants/needs/desires instead of recreating structures dictated by capitalism & neoliberalism. We have some thoughts and provocations we are interested in engaging with during the morning:

  • what are your current wants and needs
  • what happens when institutions co-opt the wants and needs of artists and use them as currency and resource
  • how do you articulate your wants and needs physically and how do they manifest in the aesthetics your work produce
  • what kind of myths chase you when you are making work
  • how do these myths live on in aesthetics
  • is work you have seen or have made offering you new structures or frameworks
  • does desire relate to entitlement
  • is desire something one values when creating or witnessing performance
  • is desire valued in general

Sara Sassanelli works in public programming. She is co-curator of HOTLINE with Jamila Johnson-Small – an itinerant platform intended for both performance and discussion. She is curator of performance for club night ‘inner u’ and is interested in exploring the club space as a place for aloneness and togetherness through dancing & watching. She is currently also making a piece of work titled ‘low-key’ with Eve Stainton & Michael Kitchin.

She is researching institutional attitudes and is looking for new institutional ethics (clearly not happening), but is mainly interested in how to exist outside of them.

Eve Stainton‘s ongoing artistic practice with The Uncollective for the last four years has been focussed on collaboratively using movement, choreography and performance/improvisation to develop a space where politics can engage with and provoke dialogue around instinct, aesthetics and desire.

Recently, Eve has felt driven to explore a more personal side of herself through discovering what it might mean to have an individual artistic practice, which so far has felt necessary to engage in research from a place of personal experience to instigate a sense of ownership to having a practice. Eve has recently become occupied with revealing intimacy and parts of her unconventional life; using objectification/queerness/sex as an act of resistance, to imagine futures beyond the normative societal pressures we live within.

About Coffee Mornings

The Coffee Mornings at Chisenhale Dance Space were initiated by Gillie Kleiman, an independent dance artist and proud member of the artistic community around the organisation, as a way in which dance-makers and -doers could talk about the relationships between issues of production, public policy and the politics of the cultural industries and the artwork that they are making and doing. The events are open to all artists and arts practitioners, whether or not they associate themselves with Chisenhale. We sit around the kitchen table and eat and talk. There have always been people there who know each other as well as those who don’t. There is a loosely-held format which includes a writing-up of the facilitators’ thoughts after the meeting Initially Gillie started off each time. Now the Coffee Mornings are led by different dance artists or artists’ groups each time and from 2015 Gille handed over the running to Hamish MacPherson, also a member of Chisenhale Dance Space.

Supported by Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment Fund.