All the things that we can do, part 2 – workshop with Hamish MacPherson


Saturday 28 June, sunset – Sunday 29 June, sunrise
Tickets: £10 in advance from
There are two free places on each event for anyone who cannot afford to pay. To apply, email

With Hamish MacPherson.

This is the second of six art/ life events for artists, philosophers and other citizens using choreographic strategies to engage with politics and citizenship through the body.

“For time, forced for a day that lasted three hundred years, to walk in line in struct steps along a cold stone corridor, too masculine a thought, has all the while longed for its complementary opposite – cyclical time, shunned and vilified, waiting outside in the half-light of the moon. Modern science has just now allowed their meeting at twilight, the trysting hour in dusk which holds both night and day, for the model of time science now gives us is one of time united, male with female, linear and cyclical, a fulfillment of the deep erotic principle at the very heart of time”— Jay Griffiths (1999) Pip Pip p137

Practice may include a city walk; rhythmanalysis; sensing individual, group and clock rhythms; slow conversations; mapping time; slow work; durational work; repetitious scores.

Hamish MacPherson is a dance artist interested in connecting choreography to non-dance contexts, drawing on a background in applied philosophy and working as a senior policy adviser in the civil service.

This project is supported through Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment programme – nurturing projects where artists take the lead – and by Shoreditch Town Hall and the University of Roehampton.

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