Allotment Summer 2019

two people hold each others arms

Photo credit: Self-defence classes Shadow Sistxrs.


Allotment Summer 2019 – Selected Projects


Following a call for proposals and selection meeting that took place in July, five Members projects have been supported through Allotment. The Allotment Fund was created in 2016 and is currently made up of money from CDS Membership donations. 

Members can apply for between £250 and £1000, which can support public programmes (performances, workshops, discussions etc), community outreach ‘first steps’, developing Member-led models, and/or personal experimentation.

Supported Projects:


Antonio de la Fe, OPENLAB (£200 )
Support for OPENLAB, an open space for self-directed and peer-led experimentation for performers within a frame of co-working and shared practice, as it runs for its eighth season.

Es Morgan (£500)
Supporting a small group of artists to undertake a residency and create a text that considers how arts organisations could better support trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming people.

Janine Harrington & Chris Matthews, Trying in 2019 (£300)
Support for 2 CDS Members to attend a 4-day workshop around gender performance, seeding theory with somatic and relational practices and more with Shannon Stewart in the spirit of radical non-symmetrical (reciprocated) advocacy

Josephine Dyer (£280)
An exploration of dance with dysfunctional vision ending in a sharing and discussion of how vision affects movement.

Rukeya (£500)
Supporting a fortnightly self-defence class (September 2019 – June 2020) for trans, intersex, non-binary & queer people, prioritising black & people of colour, offsite at DIY Space for London, run in collaboration with Shadow Sistxrs.


The next round of Allotment will be announced at the beginning of November, with the application deadline at the end of November.