Nurturing projects where artists take the lead

Chisenhale Dance Space has long been a hub for projects led by artists, supported by the organisation’s team. In 2013, in response to conversations between members of the Artistic Community, staff and the board of trustees, a structure was formalised to enable artists and practitioners to propose activities to run in partnership with Chisenhale Dance Space.

Twice a year, members of the Artistic Community are invited to offer their ideas. There is no selection process – the system is one of conversation and negotiation, finding the right way to support one another.

In 2016 with the support of Backstage Trust, CDS has been able to create the Allotment Fund which is used to allow its artists to realise new projects.  These funds are ring-fenced and only for artistic development. You can give a donation to this fund by clicking here.

Supported projects include:


Feet Off the Ground – Partnering and Contact Improvisation Intensive

Alice Tadge – Body Archive workshop

Neus Gil Cortes – Organic Entity workshop (professional class)

Hamish MacPherson – Coffee Mornings

Natasha Swingler – Body, Wellness, Imagination – Dance as Medicine

Jo Cork – Creative Lab – Film and Dance

Antonio de la Fe – OPENLAB
(a model for professional self-development for performers)

Priya Mistry – Objects, Bodies, Choreographies workshop

Georgia Paizi – The Seed workshop


Melody Squire  – Professional jazz class

Rachel Gomme – The Listening Ground (workshop on rest and lying fallow)

Marina Tsartsara – Mind Heart Gut in Movement (classes exploring Body-Mind Centering®, MoverWitness Exchange and Holistic Life Coaching) and Embodied Anatomy classes

Priya Mistry – Shape Shifting (workshop on expressing depression)

Alex Lehman – Moving with Puppets and Objects

Feet off the Ground Dance – Family Contact Jam

Dan Watson – It’s Now or Never (Podcast series)

Jan Lee – On Dancers Becoming the Music (Foley Lab workshops)

Misha Horacek – Planetary Dance Open Lab

James Morgan and Ellie Sikorski – Making Mythical Creatures workshop

Antonio de la Fe – OPENLAB
(a model for professional self-development for performers)


Antonio de le Fe and Rob Vesty – Space and Words for Dancers
(workshop and performances with Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne)

PanicLab – Grappling for Artists workshop

Misha Horacek – Self-Portraiture workshop

Joe Moran – On the condition of dance
(weekend workshop and lecture-performance with Marten Spangberg)

Rachel Gomme – Water Bearer
(Canalside Festival commission)

Kitty Fedorec – Technique Exchange 
(Pay-what-you-can open classes for dancers, performers, movement makers and artists)

Antonio de la Fe – OPENLAB
(a model for professional self-development for performers)


Flora Wellesley Wesley – Visonhale
(2 night mini-festival of performance lectures)

Agony Art – Open Clusters
(A series of performances)

anthologyofamess – Organ project
(An organ installed in CDS lounge, open to the public)

Anotnio de le Fe – Mapping Coldness workshop

Hamish MacPherson- All The Things That We Can Do
(a series of workshops at CDS and Shoreditch Town Hall)

The Art of Disappearing – The Lost Room 
(workshop for children)

Tony Burch and Stefan Szczelkun – The Scratch Orchestra

Misha Horacek – Self-Portraiture workshop & Planetary Dances workshop

Chisenhale Art Place – Chisenhale Fun Palace
(initiated by Clara Giraud, in collaboration with Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Studios)