Announcement: Summer Residencies 2022 Artists

For the third year running CDS has been able to offer a group of Member artists a paid one-week residency in our studios. This year we received 18 applications for 4 residencies. We are happy to announce that the artists who will be in residence in August this year are:

Angela Andrew, Ghost and John, Josephine Dyer, and Owen Ridley-DeMonick

These artists were chosen randomly, in the spirit of ‘names out of a hat’.  This continues our experimentation with randomised processes over the last two years, including last year’s summer residencies and the upcoming CDS Members Committee. These seek to reduce competition, limit the labour involved in writing applications, and select artists to receive resources without placing value judgements on their work.

See these artists images and bios below, and we will post more about each of their practices on our social media platforms over the coming weeks.

Angela Andrew

Hi, my name is Angela and AAVJ African American Vernacular Jazz is my thing.  

In 2018 I became an artist for the first time.  What does that mean?!  it means that it was the first time I was paid to be creative. Up until that time I was paid to help others be creative.  Well…

Photo: Adela Cremene

Ghost and John

Ghost and John are a Hong Kong multidisciplinary art duo best known for their innovative integration of performance and contemporary technologies; and collaborative approach to making socio-politically pertinent artworks. They have developed a dynamic artistic practice that examines the intricacies of the body and nature, technological advances and folklore that accompany history.

Josephine Dyer

My practice is in contemporary dance and contact improvisation, and I teach adults and children, including teaching for London Contact Improvisation and in schools. I have recently questioned what I am doing nowadays, drifting about on the fringes of the contemporary dance world, so I am very grateful to have this residency….I plan to develop different areas that interest me, such as practising contact improvisation in a small group, reflecting on my teaching, and developing work which explores dancing facing backwards (a response to a visual impairment which affects both my appearance and eyesight).

Photo: Still from ‘Slide’, Space@Clarence Mews

Owen Ridley-DeMonick

Owen RD is a British-Guyanese dancer, choreographer and musician. Owen trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and has worked across the fields of theatre, film and live performance. Credits include the for the late Nigel Charnock (DV8), Wayne McGregor, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, PunchDrunk, Danish Dance Theatre, Lea Anderson, Frauke Requardt, Clod Ensemble, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Jules Cunningham and Trajal Harrell and Alexandra Bachzetsis.  

Owen’s current choreographic work is interdisciplinary, drawing on sculpture, movement and sound with an inquiry into themes around perception and transformation.

Photo: Kat Collins


This project was supported by the Economic Recovery Fund, Arts Council England and Department for Culture, Media and Sport.