As a member-led organisation, our programmes and opportunities are primarily open to CDS members, and change from year to year depending on their needs. Programmes for members have in the past included residencies, bursaries, commissions, exchanges, performances and more. You can read more below about our recurring programmes.

CDS endeavours to be an environment where artists have autonomy to make things happen. Lots of the things that happen in our building have been built from scratch by members and the wider community, rather than being part of specific CDS-led programmes. Members can approach staff about their projects at any time, and they will support wherever possible.


Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings offer dance/performance makers and doers a space to discuss the relationships between their art and issues of production, public policy, and politics. Each Coffee Morning has a different theme or conversation point and is led by a different artist or group. These mornings are free and open to all artists.

Coffee Mornings were initiated in 2010 by CDS member Gillie Kleiman, then taken over by Hamish MacPherson in 2015, and are new run by CDS staff member Es Morgan in 2020.

Coffee Mornings are selected through open call, subject to funding. Sign up to our mailing list to find out more when we launch the next programme.


This fund comes from CDS membership donations, and all members have an equal opportunity to use the pool of money. The fund serves to encourage our membership to explore and invest in circular giving.

Members can apply for between £250 and £1000 to support their projects, including public events (workshops, discussions etc), participatory projects, and developing Member-led models of activity. Selection prioritises socially engaged work, and activity that may not otherwise be able to secure funding.

Applicants are asked to complete a short proposal form, and selections are made by a panel consisting of CDS staff and members. Allotment is currently on hiatus and will relaunch in April 2023. Members can find out more about Allotment by emailing

A light-skinned performer stands with curved arms raised upwards, on a shiny dance floor. They are surrounded by a standing audience in almost total darkness

Future Fridays

Future Fridays is our programme of new work led by CDS members. We see it as a context where makers can take risks and share new ideas in front of a casual, supportive audience. The work shown is usually either in the early stages of development, or on its first outing as a finished work.

This project is currently in hiatus following the COVID-19 pandemic and we hope to resume a member-led performance programme soon.

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Member-led Coffee Morning Event in Chisenhale Gallery
Self-defence classes with Shadow Sistxrs and Rukeya. Funded through Allotment 2019.
Fernanda Muñoz; Fiver Fridays 2018; A Body Rites Itself; Photo by Manu Valcarce