Call for proposals: ‘Member-as-Curator’ research bursaries


Does the work that you make or want to experience not get seen enough in London?

Do you want to champion the work of artists who aren’t being recognised enough?

Do you have a solid sense of who should see the performance you care about?

What would attract an audience to this work and who would it best make an impact on?

Do you need to invent new contexts and formats for work that doesn’t fit in the current boxes and systems?

Have you noticed a performance trend that you’d like to survey and reflect on?

Do you have a particular interest that you’d like to share with other people?

Do you want to shake dance and performance up a bit?

Thanks to a generous donation from The Choreographers’ Gallery Trust and investment from Arts Council England, we are pleased to be able to offer four bursaries of £500 for Members to research and develop a curatorial concept for a cutting-edge public programme, festival, event or series to take place in 2019.

Developed projects will produced in collaboration with Chisenhale Dance as part of our strategy to build a radical, accessible, coherent Member-led public programme around East London (offsite from CDS in most cases), aiming to build new and wider audiences for experimental dance and performance.

We are looking for early-stage ideas that have potential to undergo further development, attract audiences, partnerships and funding in collaboration with CDS.

What is expected?

These bursaries are intended to support the research and development required for future curated programmes, before further funding can be applied for. They should be spent on thinking time, research travel, tickets, meetings with prospective partners and contributing to fundraising.

It is anticipated that this bursary represents approx. 3-4 days work with some expenses. We anticipate that two to four of these projects will be brought to fruition in 2019 and form key profiled events of Chisenhale Dance’s programme, but this will dependent on the outcomes of the development phase.

As your ideas develop, you will work with Daniel Pitt, Executive Producer to consider how this idea fits into Chisenhale Dance’s public programme and to develop partnerships and fundraising. You will be required to produce a developed plan and budget for your project during this time.

To apply:

Please write 300-500 words about your curatorial ideas is and email it to before 10am on Monday 23rd July 2018 with ‘Bursary Application’ in the subject.

It would be helpful if you could include notes on the theme, why you’re interested, examples of key artists you would present, the audience experience, proposed types of venues and/or potential partner organisations. This is just at ‘ideas stage’. If there is particular travel that you’re interested in, please mention it, but a budget is not required.

This opportunity is only open to 2018-19 Chisenhale Dance Members. Collaborations with non-Members are welcome.

If you would find it easier to make your proposal in an alternative format, such as video, please get in touch.

Daniel will be happy to discuss proposals in advance – please email to arrange a time.


Deadline: 10am on 23rd July 2018

Decision panel meets: Week of 23rd July

Bursaries awarded: Week of 28th July

Proposals develop: August – October (deadline for budget etc TBA)

Partnerships and fundraising development with CDS team: October – November

Projects take place: Spring 2019 onwards