CDS Members at Edinburgh Fringe

As Edinburgh Festival looms up ahead, we wanted to take a moment to shout about the incredible work going to the festival this year, created and performed by CDS Members.

Alexandrina Hemsley and Seke Chimutengwende retell the history of the universe with their poetic and existential Black Holes, presented as part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase. Catherine Hoffmann takes her hilarious gynaecological musical, Cyst-er Act, recently performed at Artsadmin. And finally Rachael Young and marikiscrycrycry perform OUT, a defiant shape-shifting duet celebrating Dancehall & Vogue culture.

Black Holes
Alexandrina Hemsley & Seke Chimutengwende

ZOO Southside
9th Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019, 2:20 pm
£14/£12, Book Tickets

An Afrofuturist history of the universe from the big bang to dreamshout death. Propelling lived experiences onto a cosmic scale, Chimutengwende and Hemsley shapeshift through poetic text and movement. Step into an alternative speculation on how to orbit bodies which carry histories of marginalisation and antiblackness.

‘Hemsley and Chimutengwende are darkness newscasters exposing the black holes in white history… We see and hear repeated choreographic patterns, poetic text and black light’ (

Co-commissioned by Cambridge Junction, The Place and Chisenhale Dance Space.

Trailer | Black Holes Website

Cyst-er Act
Catherine Hoffmann

Summerhall (Venue 26)
14th-18th August, 20th-25th August, 12.05pm
£10/8, Book Tickets

Cyst-er Act is a messy Live Art musical probing into reproductive mishaps and monstrosities through the personal story of having an ovary and fallopian tube cut off with punk, death metal and some gospel numbers thrown in. Cyst-er Act is an attempt at healing - allowing women’s health and bodies more visibility…

Catherine will also be running 'Gynie Hubs' at Fringe Central on Sat 17th and 24th 4-6pm - a space for women in the creative industries to meet and share experiences of gynae health and how this impacts 'productivity' within a demanding industry; to swap tips and advice...

Trailer | Catherine’s Website

Rachael Young

Old Lab
13th August – 25th August, 3:45pm
£12/£8, Book Tickets

Performed with marikiscrycrycry. Originally created and performed with Dwayne Antony.

Defiantly challenging homophobia and transphobia, OUT is a duet – a conversation between two bodies, carving out a new kind of space, reclaiming Dancehall and celebrating Vogue culture amongst the bittersweet scent of oranges.

“We’re shape-shifting in a bid to fit in; to be black enough, straight enough, Jamaican enough…”  Embracing personal, political and cultural dissonance; this act of interdisciplinary self-expression smashes through normativity, summoning voices and re-enacting movements in an exhilarating mash-up of remembrance and re-invention. Supported by The Eclipse Award.

Rachael Young’s Website