OPENLAB with Sara Ruddock

22 September
Facilitator: Sara Ruddock
Theme: Playing the Groove

Research Studio | 10am-1pm | £7 suggested donation


A space to explore and engage in a practice of Playing the Groove and experiment with

relationships between individual and collective groove. Playing with alternative groove, forces of push and pull, perception of rhythm and sensation, and connecting with others through bodily listening, insistence and resistance.


Involving groove as metaphor – sliding down the groove and climbing the slope, swinging groove and pushing beat.


Note: If possible bring own headphones and electronic device with a musical groove that makes you want to move.


..Resist. Insist. And don’t let go.

[I play] a different kind of groove

GoodMicroscopicVibrations, and no such thing as silence…


Sara Ruddock

Dance artist, choreographer and teacher from Sweden/Stockholm, based in London.

Educated mainly at DOCH, Stockholm University of The Arts (BA, MFA), most recently at the

Master Programme New Performative Practices, 2013.

Active in the field of dance and choreography since 2002, creating and performing a number of solo works and collaborative projects with other artists.

Worked as dancer with choreographers such as Deborah Hay, Lena Josefsson/Kompani Raande-Vo, Claire Parsons and Satoshi Kudo, performed and toured in Sweden, Europe and Africa.

Experienced teacher and lecturer, teaching for several years at DOCH, as well as dance students and professionals internationally.

Her dance and teaching practice is informed by choreographic and artistic processes and research, somatic practices such as Klein technique and release, theory and improvisation.

Currently interested in: moments of surprise, irregularities and resistance, sound/music/voice as movement practices, forces of groove, bodily listening, and play.