Feldenkrais group ATM class


Mondays -RESEARCH STUDIO 7-8pm 

Lead by: Robert Vesty 

£7 or 6 class pass £30

The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique and powerful way of learning to improve your everyday movement and to help you rest.You can find relief from discomfort caused by common ailments such as back pain; or to ease tension through the body caused by stress; or to find renewed fluidity in movement by learning a little more about what your particular movement habits might be and how they might be improved. In group Awareness Through Movement (ATM) you will be guided through a sequence of small and simple movements so that you can notice movement patterns and find new choices. Please wear warm clothes and bring a mat.

About Robert:

Robert Vesty is a fully qualified Feldenkrais practitioner, certified by the UK Guild. He is an active member of Chisenhale Dance Space and is a performer and lecturer living in London.