Contact Improvisation – led by Maga Radlowska

Contact Improvisation Classes
Maga Radlowska

From 1 May* – 12 June || Tuesdays 7-9pm
Research Studio

Group of 10 classes: £70 full price / £50 for Chisenhale Dance Space members.
Drop-in: £9, or £8 for Chisenhale Dance Space members

Classes will progress through the term from basic, fundamental techniques to becoming airborne and dynamic partnering.

Suitable for people who have some experience in CI, dance, acrobatics etc. These classes provide an overview of the CI techniques that form the foundation of the discipline, whilst allowing time for individual exploration and improvisation in solo, pairs and groups. The training tools are developed from Steve Paxton, aikido, improvisation and relaxation technique.

The classes will begin with a fairly intense warm-up focusing on core stability and body conditioning. After the warm-up, we will then investigate principles of rolling on the floor and expand this through different tasks such as handstands / backbends and upside-down techniques (solo and with a partner). The second half of each class will then focus on the most essential practices in CI, including: the physical forces of gravity, levity, inertia and momentum; aerial and acrobatic work; rolling points of contact; perceiving and following; different axis and how to use rotation in them to generate a centrifugal force. We will learn how to domesticate dynamics and use them to our advantage, whilst focusing on the importance of breathing.

Maga Radlowska is a contact improvisation dancer, performer, choreographer, improviser and teacher. Graduating from London Contemporary Dance School and Middlesex University, Magdalena has fifteen years professional experience in CI, contemporary dance, physical theatre and improvisation. She regularly teaches CI workshops in London and abroad, and classes at Middlesex University.

*NO CLASS 22 May