Faciliated OPENLAB with Carolyn Roy

Facilitated OPENLAB with Carolyn Roy
11 May 2018
Companions and Strangers

Research Studio | 10am-1pm | £7 suggested donation


Companions, Composers and Comrades,

Arriving, being (present) with – the floor, the space, our memories or other dancers – is the foundation of dancing together, so we will start from there. Gathering with others the proposal is to see what happens when we start simply from the mix of our bodies, the space and the invisible baggage we bring.

Sharing proximity and distance. This is an invitation to explore composition through companionship and being a companion as an invitation to dance. What does it mean and what does it take to open up and accept the offer of companionship as we dance? This is a quietly political commitment. We matter.

Companionship is a dance practice that is also a practice of being in the world, attuning to a mutual state of being-with as a score, allowing rather than directing movement to emerge and relationships to form.

I propose dancing together with somatic sensitivity in the spirit of listening and being listened to, witnessing and being witnessed. There will be a warm up, a couple of long improvisations and time. No hierarchy. Not call and response. There might be conversation. Is it possible to truly dance together, and what would that dance be? Anything is possible, and, to quote Susanna Recchia, it doesn’t have to mean slow.

Sessions are open to any performers: dancers, musicians, actors and anyone interested in presence and awareness in performance.  Sessions can be facilitated by any participant of OPENLAB. If you’d like to facilitate one of these sessions in the future send an email to Antonio de la Fe: antonio.delafeguedes@gmail.com
The sessions function on a pay-what-you-can contribution basis to cover expenses and as an incentive for the facilitator of the session. We recommend a £7 contribution for the 3-hour long sessions (‘Facilitated OL’ sessions).

Carolyn Roy is a dancer, writer and teacher, interested in what happens as the body meets the world through improvising and walking and the movement that emerges in this encounter. She is currently exploring practices of attention – listening, touch, curiosity, stillness, witnessing ourselves, others and the space that we co-create(between). Formative influences of Skinner Releasing Technique and Body Weather continue to inform her practice.  In addition to her own projects, (recently Celebrate and  Demonstrate, London May Day, The Telling, What Remains, ID, Reeling, Wilkinson Gallery,  London) she has performed with Gaby Agis, Pacitti Company, Graeme Miller, Tino Sehgal, Florence Peake, and Lizzy Le Quesne, and is a PhD practitioner researcher at Roehampton University.