Facilitated OPENLAB with Galit Criden

Facilitated OPENLAB with Galit Criden
8 June 2018
The Primal Body

Research Studio | 10am-1pm | £7 suggested donation


How unusual it is nowadays to wander, to let oneself be taken by an experience and to truly observe within one’s reality. In this workshop we will experiment wondering in our urban reality in a sensory tour throughout the topography of the city.

Walking through observation is the act of wondering accompanied by all sensations. This combined performance experiment will emphasis on the nomadic state in which people are situated these days. We will practice leaving the studio and working outside, letting the conditions affect our bodies. We will explore what actions such as walking and listening can do to our understanding of culture and how the body serves as an interpretative experiential tool. Within the busiest, loudest context I invite you to check together the most basic aspects of primal body: What do we want? How to start moving? When to stop? How far can we go? How much do we let ourselves drift?

The participants will gather in the studio, where they will be guided through a short preparation for the walk, and from there, they would leave two by two to wonder, triggering observation and play between the streets. Through a simple and automatic action such as walking, i wish to touch one’s habits through one’s barest foundation, and by exploring their function to learn something about the relation between the individual and his/her relation to the environment around him/her.

-We’ll practice something like what comes before it becomes dance, the formation of dance-the primal body. To experience being in the body In space, we will try to practice being visible and present, to identify the situation as it is. (instudio and out).  Freeing the body and finding the logic at that moment. Here and now.

Sessions are open to any performers: dancers, musicians, actors and anyone interested in presence and awareness in performance.  Sessions can be facilitated by any participant of OPENLAB. If you’d like to facilitate one of these sessions in the future send an email to Antonio de la Fe: antonio.delafeguedes@gmail.com
The sessions function on a pay-what-you-can contribution basis to cover expenses and as an incentive for the facilitator of the session. We recommend a £7 contribution for the 3-hour long sessions (‘Facilitated OL’ sessions).

About Galit Criden 
Galit Criden, choreographer and movement teacher. She holds a BEd and a graduate of the School of Visual Theater and a graduate of the David Yellin Academic college of Education. She is a Co-founder of ‘ New-Stuff’ group: A theater, performance, plastic art group. She performed in various places around Israel and abroad. Her performances include: ‘Observation Room’ , ‘Work Big’, ‘Singular’, ‘Phase II’ and BodySpeak’ and more. She received in 2017 Rabinovitz a prize for excellence in dance. Currently she is an artist in the Fest’Fectory compound, Bat-Yam Israel.