Live Fully Training with Sergi Vilanova

Live Fully Training
Lead by: Sergi Vilanova & Virginia López

From 3rd February  ||  First Saturday of every month  ||  1:00-3:00pm
Performance Studio

£25 per session | £200 pack of 10 sessions (to use over fourteen months)

Life fully training is a movement class to increase your body attention and energy, to stop extra body efforts and patterns that hold you back, and to explore freeing your mind and body. We use a combination of techniques: -Fitness and breathing exercises. -Exercises to relax the body and to create silence in your mind. -Movement exercises with music. -The teachers might use massage to help you release areas that are stiff. You will increase your vitality and the sensation of space in the body, feeling confident, peaceful and focused. Each class is especially focused on learning to create more space, relaxation and a healthy relationship with a certain area of our body: neck and shoulders, upper back, lower back, chest, diaphragm, legs. And at the same time develop qualities that are connected to those areas: clarity, confidence, being grounded, feeling more opened, moving easily from being active to rest and from being passive to being active.

Dates and Times
3rd February 1-3pm
3rd March 1-3pm
14th April 1-3pm
5th May 1-3pm
2nd June 1-3pm

About facilitators: 

Virginia and Sergi love to learn, to teach, to be well and join body’s will to be well. To live fully. That’s why they developed the ‘Live Fully Training’ classes, after 15 years learning and teaching vitality, concentration, relaxation, mindfulness and movement classes – standing out the Grinberg Stopping Movement – and being experts in back pain and stress solutions.