Time: 7:30pm – 9pm, Monday evenings

To Book: Please email info@cookiesjam.com and pay via this link using reference LindyHopEastLdn

Lindy Hop is an African-American partner dance originating in the late 1920s Jazz Era. For the most part, it was developed in ballrooms across the USA – most notably The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York. The dance’s popularity peaked in the mid-1940s and was featured often as a speciality act in many Hollywood movies such as Hellzapoppin’.  Original dancers Al Minns, Frankie Manning and Norma Miller seeded the resurgence in the late 1980’s.   The Lindy Hop continues to be enjoyed worldwide.

This fun and informative class will introduce and build on the basics of Lindy Hop centred on its roots as an African-American partner dance.  In a laid back sociable setting led by Angela Andrew, you will learn the basics (6, 8 count, Breakaway, Charleston) of this soul encompassing dance…and a few extra moves to add some spice to your step!! A mixed level class suitable for beginners – no partner needed.

Please wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear.  N.b. no outdoor shoes allowed in the studio.

Come from 7pm and make yourself a cuppa!!


About your workshop instructor

Angela Andrew is a performer, teacher and producer specialising in dance and arts from the Jazz era. Her dance story began on the streets of Hackney where she was born and raised. The combination of her musical family background, classical music training, love for jazz and her passion for dance made for a natural progression to search for the roots of present day street-dance, the Lindy Hop.

She ‘discovered’ lindy-hopping in 1991 following an already established dancing and teaching path. She is often called a “mid-timer” on the global Lindy Hop scene: renowned for unique yet grounded teaching style, mentoring of new teachers, pioneering out-of-the box events.

Her passion drives her to continue to spread and develop the lindy hop; her emphasis on the soul and roots of the dance. Her aim is for the Lindy Hop to be recognised for its duality: as a contemporary dance art form and as a popular Street / Club dance.

Angela is a Chisenhale Dance Space Member.

You can find out more about Angela here: www.angelaandrew.com