Facilitated OPENLAB with Joe Stevens

Facilitated OPENLAB with Joe Stevens
2 March 2018
Theme: Game of Utopia: Paper Games

Research Studio | 10am-1pm | £7 suggested donation

Game of Utopia: Paper Games presents three paper-based situations each lasting an hour.  

This session will explore the theme of game design and game performance for three hours on Friday 2 March, from 10am to 1pm.  

The participants will become collaborative game designers and competitive game players within the materials and suggestions that are my three starting points for development: Paper Planes, Wine Skittles and Wine Maker, all taking place on a large grid representing the field of play.

  • Paper Planes offers 4 different player types an alternately sized and coloured paper plane, ranging from A5 size up to A2.  
  • Wine Skittles displays a triangle of different sized towers (think ten-pin bowling) ready to be flamboyantly toppled by creatively made projectiles.  
  • Wine Maker allows the participants to draw on what has been learned to generate a new game using the same materials.
Image Credit: David Wilson Clarke

Sessions are open to any performers: dancers, musicians, actors and anyone interested in presence and awareness in performance.
Sessions can be facilitated by any participant of OPENLAB. If you’d like to facilitate one of these sessions in the future send an email to Antonio de la Fe: antonio.delafeguedes@gmail.com
The sessions function on a pay-what-you-can contribution basis to cover expenses and as an incentive for the facilitator of the session. We recommend a £7 contribution for the 3-hour long sessions (‘Facilitated OL’ sessions).