Yoga With Ashley (Vinyasa Flow)

Yoga with Ashley
Open Level Vinyasa Flow

Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm until 26 June
Research Studio

£10 per class (pay at the studio)


In this class we will move through a Vinyasa sequence, flowing between standing and seated poses, balances, and inversions. It is designed to get you moving, breathing, and connecting with your body to help quiet your mind, finding harmony between effort and ease, strength and softness. Various themes will be covered each week, whether it’s grounding, uplifting, restoring, or focusing on a particularly challenging pose. My aim is to create a space where you, the practitioner, can meet yourself where you are and find gentle respite from busy city life through conscious movement and breath. I look forward to seeing you soon.

About The Teacher

Ashley Handel is a professional dancer and yoga practitioner recently moved to London from NYC. She’s practiced yoga for 10 years, first stumbling upon it as part of her undergraduate degree in dance. Her main practice is Vinyasa Flow, combining dynamic and strong Hatha postures with mindful breath and movement. As a yoga teacher, she believes the path to deepening one’s practice is through anatomical efficiency, awareness of the body in space, and a curiosity and focus inward, cultivating a sensitivity to the subtle energies of the inner body.