Coffee Mornings Spring/Summer 2020


Rant. Chat. Eat. Coffee Mornings are back this April, with four free events taking place on the third Tuesday of every month. This season includes a diverse range of conversations around consent, community, cultural difference, and power.

Coffee Mornings are a way in which dance/performance makers and doers can talk about the relationships between issues of production, public policy and the politics of the artwork that they are making and doing. Each Coffee Morning has a different theme, and is led by a different artist or group. The events are free and open to all artists, no booking required. We sit around the kitchen table and eat and talk. See the full programme below.


This season's Coffee Mornings will be hosted in the Education Room on the ground floor at Chisenhale Studios, and therefore are accessible by wheelchair. A range of seating arrangements are provided.  If you have other questions about access, please call us on 020 8981 6617 or email

Support, Community, Action - Moving Forwards
Hosted by Rachel Elderkin
Tuesday 21st April | more info

As freelance dance artists and makers we’re often facing similar challenges and goals, so why are we not more connected? Support and community between professional artists is vital. Bring your ideas and let’s find practical ways to move forwards, together.


Performance = Therapy / The Politics of Consent
Hosted by Stefan Jovanović
Tuesday 19th May | more info

A discussion on navigating the delicate edge between therapy and the performing arts. In practices that deal with ritual, healing, and trauma, how do we negotiate safe spaces where these stories can be told and held?

How on earth is this pink Asian elephant still here?
Hosted by Ghost and John
Tuesday 16th June | more info

What does it mean when a body from East Asia is brought into the Western world of contemporary performance, and how can we challenge the ways in which Asian art is often misunderstood, exoticised, other-ed, or fetishised?


Penetration and Power
Hosted by Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot & Jay Yule
Tuesday 21st July | more info

How is the notion of penetration shaping our vision of sexuality, success, and power? This coffee morning will invite us to reflect on our personal relationship to this notion, and to share a larger conversation around power and exploitation within dance and performance.