Dance and the Homemade 2012-2014

Dance and the Homemade is a commissioning scheme that provides an opportunity for dancers, movement artists and live artists who feel the body holds a key place in their practice, to create new work which is risky or takes them in a new direction in their practice.

Throughout the course of the programme, there were 13 bursaries available for up to £2,000 each, as well as generous in-kind support with producing, technical help, studio space and documentation.

Commissioned Artists:

Round 1
Will Dickie, Neil Callaghan, whatsthebigmistry and Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small.

Round 2 
Rachel Champion, Laura Cubitt and Tim Spooner.

Round 3
Sheep(s), Lisa May Thomas and Dan Watson.

Round 1
Noemi Lakmaier

Round 2
Lydia Cottrell and Greg Wohead

Events as part of this programme:

Producers and Artists At Home Day 
A chance for producers and artists to meet, network and find out more about the world of producing.  Hosted by Chisenhale’s associate producer Natasha Davis with talks from guest speakers Tom Marshman (Artist) and Ruth Dudman (Independent Producer).

Grants for the Arts and Social Media Marketing workshop day 
Double workshop day: Social Media Marketing and Public Engagement from Laura Sweeney (Marketing Manager at Chisenhale Dance Space), followed by a Grants for the Arts workshop and Q&A with Shira Hess (Arts Council England).

Producers and Artists Mixers 
After the well-received ‘Producers and Artists at Home Day’, Chisenhale Dance Space are pleased to be hosting monthly networking events for artists and producers to meet, chat and mix!