Eleanor Sikorski

Residency Project Notes:

Eleanor is trying to build herself a context. A room, a backdrop, a golden picture frame, a climate, an angle of light, a short history… it could be any of these things, as long as the colours match her mood. During this residency she will build these places, sit within them, see what happens and observe who she becomes. This is not about sitting in the sun, this is about triggering stories, making scenes, capturing images and making something worthy of your time.

About Eleanor:

Eleanor Sikorski  is an artist whose solo work has taken many shapes: dance, cabaret, comedy, film and music. She is currently touring her solo Comebacks I thought of later.

She is co-director of Nora, a dancer-led performance project with Flora Wellesley Wesley and Stephanie McMann. Since 2015 they have toured work by Liz Aggiss, Simon Tanguy, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion.

Other activities include working as a dancer (for Igor & Moreno, Eva Recacha, Seke Chimutengwende and Gillie Kleiman); guest lecturing in dance composition (Roehampton University, LCDS, Leeds Beckett University); co-facilitating dressing-up and performance workshops with James Morgan; co-facilitating intergenerational performance projects with Sue Mayo and Magic Me; film editing and dress making.

In Residence: 

w/c 14 August
w/c 25 September

Open Studio:

Research Studio
30 September, 1pm-5pm