It’s Now Or Never: Dan Watson & Feet Off The Ground Dance

It’s Now or Never

A podcast series by Dan Watson
Featuring: Feet Off the Ground Dance 

CDS Member Artist Dan Watson has conducted a series of interviews to create a podcast, “It’s Now Or Never”.

Dan has been feeling a bit down recently about the independent arts scene and is ready to throw in the towel.

As such he is curious as to why we keep creating work, keep sending our kids to dance sessions, keep supporting artists or keep getting people involved? Why, in the face of seemingly insurmountable resistance, public indifference and ever reducing support do we “keep on keeping on”?

Rather then going to the pub and forgoing it all, he has invited some people, to come a chat with with him about this sort of thing, along with anything else that might come up in the hope that they might sooth his troubled mind, or just have a right old moan about it all.

These podcasts are the the edited highlights of these irreverent, rambling chats about serious stuff treated un-seriously. A half hearted call to arms, a small scale and woefully disorganised protest, a line in the sand made from biscuits.

Come on everyone, its now or never!

These podcasts were made possible from the support of Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment Programme.