Jo Cork

Residency Project Notes:

My Open Studio Residnency will allow me to dedicate time to creating choreographic content with specific consideration to choreography for camera and explore how my visual ideas about editing and post-production influence, intertwine and interact with the studio-based choreographic process.

The residency will be a chance to spend dedicated time learning and developing filming skills and experimenting with the technical capabilities of the camera as well as how its use and presence in the studio impacts my practice. Taking test shots and using laptops and/or a projector will allow me to test modes of presentation which are of particular interest to me, including; film, multiscreen film work, projection(s) onto 3D structure or film/projection with live performance.

It will also, for the first time since embarking on this enquiry into dance with digital interaction, allow me time to work on other dancers, taking the role as choreographer and director without being preoccupied in a performance role.

I will be inviting cinematographer Orestes Chochoulas and sound designer Bartosz Szafranski into the studio during my stay.

About Jo:

Alongside performing and making, Jo has worked extensively as a free-lance teacher in schools and youth dance programmes, in the field of dance in health – within mental healthcare units, and is a qualified sports and remedial massage therapist. In her current enquiry, Jo has developed a fascination with film and digital interaction; and how the choreographic and visual potentials it affords can enable the artist to expose their mids-eye directly. She seeks to explore and discover how the ever-evolving advances in technology will impact and shape dance practice – and her practice – as we move forward in a culture which is increasingly intimately connected to digital interaction.

In Residence:

w/c 14 August
w/c 21 August

Open Studio:

Performance Studio
26 August, 1pm-5pm