Mapping Coldness – workshop with Antonio de la Fe


Time: 11am – 4pm
Price: £20/£15 concs
To book, ring Chisenhale Dance Space 020 8981 6617.

On Saturday 5th April , Chisenhale Dance Space will host Mapping Coldness, a four hour workshop led by choreographer Antonio de la Fe.

Participants will consider how temperature can be experienced in different parts of the body and how that impacts emotionally and physically on their engagement with the present moment and creative impulses. Text will also be used to build ‘skeletons’ for live performance based on these experiences.

Connecting to the moment, working with awareness, concentration, and at times, with what might not necessarily be comfortable, this workshop will also offer participants a glimpse into the performance practice and choreographic tools used during the research and development of Antonio’s new work Make Me Cool.

This movement workshop is for anyone with an interest in performance and in exploring the interface between perceptual presence and movement.

Supported by Chisenhale Dance Space and Arts Council England.

You can find out more about Antonio here.