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Chisenhale Dance Membership is now closed for applications.

We anticipate welcoming new Members in Autumn/Winter 2022. 

CDS are currently in a period of reflection and learning as we respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are using this time to reevaluate our working practices, embed  anti-racist principles in the structures of our organisation, and make more of our processes transparent. Read more here.


Who are we?

Chisenhale Dance Space (CDS) is an artist Member-led charity, championing experimentation in dance and performance. Our home as part of Chisenhale Art Place on Chisenhale Road, Bow, London has survived despite the odds. Our historic brick walls and wooden floor have carried the textures of experimentation and quiet perseverance for almost 40 years.

Our programme is made by, with, and in response to Members, and currently consists of:

  • subsidised-cost rehearsal space for making
  • classes for children and adults
  • artist development programmes
  • a boundary-pushing performance programme in our venue and beyond
  • outreach and education projects in Tower Hamlets


Chisenhale Dance Members are an artistic community working in experimental dance and body-centred performance.

  • Together we are the artistic leadership of Chisenhale Dance Space, shaping its programme, ethos and ethics.
  • We are part of a pioneering artistic lineage of movement innovation that began with the X6 Collective and New Dance, but we are now broader than ever.
  • Experimentation is at the heart of what we do. Experimentation is not just about the shape the work eventually takes, but how it is made, and who gets to make it.
  • We are united by our diversity of form, style, process and content. We celebrate the overlap of the roles we take on and the differences in our disciplines.
  • We draw on our collective experiences to acknowledge and challenge structural injustices.
  • We want to make positive change in our work, our communities, the broader arts sector and the world.


Chisenhale Dance Members commit to…

  • Reach into our pioneering history to actively reflect on our legacy and curate more inclusive environments for making and other artist support.
  • Make Chisenhale Dance Space and our activities safer for outsiders, independents and practitioners who are often marginalised by mainstream dance practices.
  • Work in ways that are respectful, transparent, ethical, anti-racist, environmentally-conscious, and non-discriminatory.
  • Champion and foreground the work of people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, and women.
  • To champion the work of disabled people, while acknowledging the physical limitations of the building we currently occupy.

This is an evolving statement created over several months in summer 2019, in collaboration with Members, Trustees and staff. With the same ethos in which we work, we commit to regularly interrogating, re-evaluating, and updating this statement. This version is published 9th September 2019.


Pictured: CDS Member Marikiscrycrycry, in Open Studios Residency, Sept 2017. Image by Zbigniew Kotkiewicz.