OPENLAB: last session of the Spring Term and line up for the Summer.

The last ‘Facilitated OL’ of the Spring Term with Joe Stevens, featuring loads of paper and several games, was a week ago yet the term isn’t quite over yet…

A ‘White Canvas’ Session

The last session of the term will officially be a ‘White Canvas’ session with me as an anchor. The session will take place in two weeks, on Friday 23 March from 10 am to 12 pm at Chisenhale Dance Space.

And after that… what?

After the spring comes the summer and for this coming Summer Term, we have a new lineup of OPENLAB session.

Here you are with the dates for your diary:

Friday 6 April, 10 am-1pm – A ‘Facilitated OL’ with Danai Pappa: Mine, Yours, Theirs: Exchanging Movements
Friday 20 April, 10 am-12 pm – A ‘White Canvas’
Friday 11 May, 10 am-1 pm – A ‘Facilitated OL’ with Carolyn Roy:
Companions and Strangers
Friday 25 May, 10 am-12 pm – A ‘White Canvas’
Friday 8 June, 10 am-1 pm – A ‘Facilitated OL’ with Galit Criden: The Primal Body
Friday 22 June, 10 am-12 pm – A ‘White Canvas’
Friday 6 July, 10 am-1 pm – A ‘Facilitated OL’ with Mira Hirtz: Explorations on the Suspicious Body

More information about all the session for our Summer Term will be coming soon on the website.

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