PanicLab Workshop Series


PanicLab Workshop Series: Mixed Martial Arts + Wrestling + Performance

Join us for a series of 3 workshops to learn techniques of wrestling and jiu jitsu, exploring what it means to engage with combat sports and why we find this culture appealing.

Performers Jordan Lennie and Joseph Mercier have been exploring competition and friendship through combat sports.

Developing their knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts, they have given each other permission to explore their own aggression in a playful way, and invite you to take part. PanicLab is a theatre company interested in pushing the limits of the body through a range of physical practices.

Fridays 18th & 25th September and 2nd October
5:30pm-8pm Booking necessary

Age: 16-25
Experience necessary: None
Cost: FREE

BOOK NOW: 020 8981 6617