Please Stand By: Citizen

“Empirical truths that pose as objective are, in fact, formulated with intent.”

March 5th 7pm

An exploded film screening, Citizen asks how realities are constructed within a mediatised society. The discourse of digitized media can be re-imagined via the narrative tools of both the cinema and the theatre.

During the evening, artists will explore the possibility of breaking down the illusory plane between reality and fiction. Linear narratives that unfold over a specified duration, time as a malleable object (stretched and compressed via editing), cacophonous displays in real time, explosions of simultaneous occurrences – these are the encounters of interest.

James Clarke
Rebecca Glover
Calvin Laing
Stephanie Mann
Benito Mayor Vallejo
Imran Perretta
Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa
Leonor Serrano Rivas
… and more!

Curated by Taylor Le Melle

Citizen is the latest instalment of the bi-monthly series Please Stand By, a film, performance, and sound event hosted by artist Rebecca Glover in conjunction with Chisenhale Studios and Chisenhale Dance Space.