Future Fridays: Alice Tatge and Claudia Palazzo


Alice Tatge and Claudia Palazzo
Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space
11th Oct 2019 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird | £7.50 Advance | £10 Standard


Ambiguous, sticky, relentless and fierce.  In a world of sensory and visual overload we ask you to flip the switch and pump up the volume.

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Combining dance and live art installation, Claudia Palazzo and Alice Tatge explore the concepts of disruption and visual overload, consumption vs sustainability, dwelling and displacement.

Images: Claudia Palazzo 2018 ‘that ain’t gold’, photo by Ian Buswell. And Alice Tatge ‘Blink’ 2019. Siobhan Davies performance evening. Screen shot from video footage filmed by Dan Faber.

Supported by GROW Tottenham, Siobhan Davies dance and the Open Choreography performance platform.



Future Fridays is our regular programme supporting new work led by Chisenhale Dance Members. Join us for a first look at seven projects which shun conventions and face the future of performance head-on.



Alice Tatge has been working in the fields of mixed-media installation and performance since 2004. Of Italian-American-Czech descent her influences include the amalgamation of cultures that construct her family history and DNA, as well as queering the body and challenging notions of identity and belonging within the current socioeconomic paradigm.

Claudia Palazzo is an artist and dancer working across the intersections and contradictions of dance, performance art, alternative cabaret, and film using her body as a responsive site to her environment and territory. Her work exists somewhere between the nightclub, gallery, and street and focuses on the live experience as a place for highly charged connections.


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