Future Fridays: Joseph Morgan Schofield and selina bonelli


Joseph Morgan Schofield and selina bonelli

Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space

21st June 2019 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird | £7.50 Standard | £10 Door


An encounter by two artists, sharing space, action, material and time, responding to, and exploding, the limits of language and desire.

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The solo practices of performance artists, Joseph Morgan Schofield and selina bonelli are individually mesmerising and unnerving. They share a keen sense of materiality and are marked by a wilful urge to act. Here they present their moving, poetic works in dialogue with each other, pushing at the limits of language and desire.

Following Future Fridays, selina and Joseph will undertake a shared residency at ]performance s p a c e[ in summer 2019.
Performances may involve blood letting and nudity.

Supported using public funds by Arts Council England.
Photo by Antonia Eugenie.


Future Fridays is our regular programme championing new work led by Chisenhale Dance Members. Join us for a first look at seven projects which shun conventions and face the future of performance head-on.



In exploring the relationships that different types of memory have to gestures, images and materials, selina bonelli is interested in how our bodies make sense of things that are unspeakable, uncommunicable, and how this affects us both personally and societally. bonelli’s work looks at the effects of the deterritorialization of materials and actions in order to approach a language beyond the inadequacies it presents us with.


Through their work, Joseph Morgan Schofield seeks to interrogate visible and invisible tensions, using ritual and mythic forms to articulate a language of desire and endurance. things unfold with intensity and determined force; across a duration spectacle, and masc notions of heroic suffering are subverted or undercut. The body itself becomes a [queer] structure for ritual, for processing, for communing.


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