Future Fridays: Symoné & Out Of Order


Symoné & Out Of Order

Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space

26th April 2019 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird | £7.50 Standard | £10 Door


A double bill of high-energy dance & circus works which dive into vogue culture, disco cults and post-apolocalyptic imagination.

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Raver’s Fanatic – Symoné

Immersing audience members in a psychedelic disco experience, circus & cabaret artist Symoné transforms her personal experiences with a cult into a relatable, multi-sensory  performance.

Raver’s Fanatic is a new work-in-progress inspired by group think and American rave & ballroom (voguing) culture. Expect devlish voguing and pole dancing on rollerskates in this atmospheric contemporary circus show.


Once Standing – Out Of Order

Once Standing is a post-apocalyptic tale told through the means of physical theatre and contemporary dance.

The world has come to an end. Civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist. In the absence of an ever-present society, the last two people left on Earth turn to imagination and resilience to start from scratch. Having no one but themselves, their new reality takes on unexpected guises: a universe where species meld, cannibalism is funny, and you can shoot from a banana.

Created at the edge of humanity and performed as if no one is watching.



Future Fridays is our regular programme championing new work led by Chisenhale Dance Members. Join us for a first look at seven projects which shun conventions and face the future of performance head-on.



Symoné is one of the U.K.’s most popular cabaret performers. Her skill set is a combination of multiple hula hooping, rollarskating and dance. She continues owning her roots as an underground club dancer in high end shows, combining dance styles such as voguing and dancehall in feel good circus routines. Renown for cleverly combining dance, rollerskating and hula hooping, Symoné is a versatile performer with 7 years of professional performing experience under her belt. She has a Guinness World Record with The Majorettes for, “spinning the most hoops simultaneously”. She can currently spin 50 hoops at one time. ​Though based in London, her work has taken her to over 8 different countries. Most famously working with Omi and Machel Montano in their hit 2016 song, “Hula Hoop” in the Caribbean to the West End Theatre in London with La Soirée in 2018. Previous clients include: The Roundhouse, Cafe de Paris, Harrods, Sternberg & Clark, Upswing, Certain Blacks, Duckie.


Angeliki and Jesús are graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts, London, where they specialised in aerial straps. They are passionate professionals with a background in mixed arts whose ambition is to combine physical theatre, contemporary dance and circus to create original, powerful and innovating performances.

They count with an extensive experience in performance and artistic collaborations both in the UK and abroad, having worked with prestigious companies such as Complicité Theatre, Upswing, öff öff aerial dance, Certain Blacks, Nikki and JD, and creators Ben Duke, Struan Leslie, Ted Stoffer, Keren Rosemberg, Rishi Trikha and Rosamond Martin.



Raver’s Fanatic

Creators/artists: Symone & Jay Jay Revlon
Dramaturgy: Layla Rosa and Brian Lobel

Supported by Upswing, Certain Blacks, The Malbourough Theatre, Duckie, and The Roundhouse

Once Standing

Creators and performers: Angeliki Nikolakaki and Jesús Capel
External Eye/facilitator: Rosamond Martin
Costume design: Akshy Marayen
Set design: Sally Somerville-Woodiwis

Supported by: Upswing, Certain Blacks, National Centre for Circus Arts, Jacksons Lane, Flying Fantastic and WAC Arts.


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