Ray Prendergast & Lennie

Residency Project Notes:

pink suits is a performance collaboration between us. You can call us a band… pink suits #1 is our current research project exploring of the pressures and frustrations we feel with the gender roles we are expected to play within our partnership, and how we resist these roles. How does our gender influence the way we are viewed as a couple. Lennie is male, Ray is female.

Our research seeks to resist gender roles and the expectations that are attached to us and the inequality society places on our bodies. Through music, text and dance we will explore our bodies, how are they different, how are they similar, how are they read differently in public space or different clothes. We will share the space, share our clothes, share our frustrations and our fantasies.

Are we a ‘straight’ couple? We don’t identify with this or any sexuality, we don’t believe in monogamy, we don’t believe in marriage, so are we a ‘queer’ couple? What does that even mean? Lennie wears ‘womens’ clothes. Ray wears ‘mens’ clothes. We share clothes, but this is not drag. Ray wants to shave her head and is jealous that she can’t grow a beard. Lennie wants to grow his hair long and hates the phrase ‘Man – Bun’.

We are frustrated that our bodies are treated so differently. Why can one of be topless in public and the other cant? Why is there pressure for one of us to shave but it’s cool for the other to be hairy? Why is it easier for one of us to be openly promiscuous?

About Ray & Lennie:

Ray was born in Colorado. She trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under the direction of Summer Lee Rhatigan before visiting different dance companies in Europe and Israel. Ray now makes work inspired by various performance styles. Her dance practice is influenced by live art, theatre and music. She has worked as a performer in the Frieze Art Fair (London) with Eva Kotatkova and was commissioned in 2016 by Shooting Gallery Performance to create ‘her slow retreat.’ She is developing this further in 2017.

Lennie trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London before joining BalletBoyz as an apprentice dancer on their 2013 UK Tour. Since graduating he has performed in works by Russell Maliphant, Stephen Pelton, Chrissie Ardill and Andrew Hardwidge and is Co – Director of dance theatre company PanicLab, working with Joseph Mercier on pieces ’The Rite of Spring’, ‘Of Saints and GoGo Boys’, ’R.I.O.T.’, ‘Dark Waters’, ’Theseus Beefcake’ and ‘The Fox and The Hound’. Lennie has also been performing with Lucy McCormick since 2014.

In Residence:

w/c 18 September
w/c 16 October

Open Studio:

Research Studio
21 October, 1pm-5pm


Photo Credit: Nature Photography