Shopping for your art!

Did you know that every time you shop online you could be supporting our charity?

Give as you live is an online service that allows every train ticket, Ocado order, and ASOS splurge you purchase to count towards our annual fundraising campaigns!


This online tool connects CDS to a host of corporate donors who will donate to our cause for your shopping.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up

  2. Shop online

  3. Feel amazing about your choices in life


Give as you live is an amazing tool and we raise an extra few hundred pounds a year from our current users! But it has it’s limitations and complications.

  1. You have to want to shop for CDS! You can download a toolbar which reminds you of every purchase that counts (doesn’t work on your smart phone, sadly – and the app is painful!). If you don’t get the toolbar then you must shop through their website. All good things can’t be SUPER easy, can they?
  2. You will get some emails. You’ll only ever receive two emails about Give as you live from CDS directly. However, like all corporate aggregators they LOVE to send you lots of emails.
    There’s a nifty way to reduce this by about 80% (which a lot. We’re not gonna lie to you, they email too much).

    Once logged-in do the following:
    – Click My Account
    -Click Preferences
    -Un-click updates from Everyclick Ltd
    (you could un-click emails from us, but you love us!)
  3. Not every online store you shop at will donate AND you can’t have more than one cause.

    But that’s ok! The toolbar (you already downloaded that, thank you!) connects to Google and shows you (see that shopping cart with the heart around it?! YES!) what shops work with Give as you live.
    And, really, you don’t need to shop for any other cause. Chisenhale Dance Space is the BEST!

Happy Shopping!