the Producers’ Mutual

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Producers’ Mutual: A Test


The Producers’ Mutual is a pilot project designed to test the ways that producers can collaborate with each other. We want to find, create and define models for producers (working with dance and bodily practices) to share their skills, their time, their knowledge and their expertise with each other.

Research questions include:

  • What are the benefits of or barriers to producers working together?
    • What role does competition play in the working lives of producers?
    • How have recent trends in funding, professionalism and social media affected the working culture of producers and the artists they work with?
  • What are the existing models for collaborative relationships between producers, and what do they have in common?
    • Can we define and replicate these models?
    • How are they maintained, and what are the conditions for membership?
  • What kinds of knowledge need to be shared between producers?
    • How is knowledge shared between sectors and generations?
    • How accessible is knowledge sharing to people from marginalised groups?
  • What kinds of group advocacy, standards and conditions can producers gain from working together?


The Producers’ Mutual is led by Mary Paterson and Chisenhale Dance Space’s (CDS) Project Producer Natalie Huntley-Clarke, as part of CDS’ ‘Next Stages’ programme. An artist-led organisation that supports dance and performance makers to take risks, collaborate, and develop new methods for audience engagement. CDS is the perfect host for the Producers’ Mutual.

From October 2017 to July 2018, the project will comprise research, meetings and a pilot period for up to 6 producers to work together in CDS’ space.


If you would like to hear more about this project please contact Mary and Natalie on


Mary Paterson is a writer and producer who works across live art, theatre and literature. Her significant roles include General Manager of Extant, Creative Producer of Encounter, and Creative Producer for Drake Music. Mary’s writing on art and critical theory is published around the world.  In 2017 she will be Art Writer in Residence at Spike Island and Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol.

Natalie Huntley-Clarke is a producer and project manager with over seven years of experience in dance, performance and live art. She has worked with a range of arts companies such as Extant and Ridiculusmus and independent artists like tattenbaum-deluca, Bryony Kimmings and Joshua Sofaer.