The Rebel Man Standard – by Hamish MacPherson

Since July 2015 I have been part of The Rebel Man Standard, a project with fellow dance artists Jamila Johnson-Small and Zinzi Minott exploring the political potentials, and potential ramifications, of dance and choreographic practice through a range of activities.

In December we curated an evening of performance supported by CDS, opening up our enquiries to engage with the practices of other artists.

Preparing for 30 Skank’s (and other revolutionary dances) by Zinzi Minott re-worked with Charlotte Cooper

In April we are organising a festival of dance, workshops, discussion and exhibitions at Guest Projects, half an hour walk from Chisenhale along Regent’s Canal.

In line with the project’s general approach, the three of us have organised this festival together but chosen the content separately, attempting to support and enable each other’s desires, rather than aiming for a coherent curation that corresponds with a single artistic vision/mission. We are interested in what can happen when these different works and events meet and overlap in a shared space, and in how our individual agendas can coexist.

As well as Jamila and I, Chisenhale’s artistic community will be involved in the shape of Priya Mistry who is opening the fortnight with a Coffee Morning on Impossible Practices; and Kitty Fedorec who will be performing Some Day Dominion as part of an amazing goth night to close the festival. We hope many more will join us too.

For more information or to book tickets you can visit our website.