Welcome Gati Gorska, Studio Manager


The Board and Executive Producer of Chisenhale Dance Space are delighted to announce that Gati Gorska will be joining the team from September as Studio Manager.

Gati previously worked for Cecil Sharp House and the Albany. After working for almost a decade in various radio stations across Europe she is now a London based film event producer and interdisciplinary arts lover. She is also the founder and programmer at InShort Film Festival.

As Studio Manager Gati will be overseeing all studio operations and finance while supporting the strategic vision of CDS.

Executive Producer, Justin Hunt, notes:

Gati brings wonderful knowledge of operational management, extensive consumer service skills, and a seasoned producers capacity for strategic thinking, to the role.

Chisenhale Dance remains an artist led resource for the research and creation of dance and performance in East London; Gati joins the team to help form the charities future.