Art and Dance Evening

Art and Dance Evening

Wednesday 19 October | 6:30-9pm


Meet in Education Room, Chisenhale Studios | Finish the day in Performance Studio, Chisenhale Dance
Free to attend but please email us to reserve a place in advance:


Masks & Movement @ Chisenhale Art Place | Without Walls 2016

After a short introductory presentation by Aliyanni and Paz, a 50-minute painting workshop in Studio 4 at Chisenhale Arts Place Studios, and then a 50-minute dance/movement workshop in adjacent Dance Space will follow, ending with a short informal feedback discussion with participants.

The painting workshop with artist Alicia Paz will explore the theme of “the Mask”. Paz will demonstrate various painting techniques and the effects of collage and trompe l’oeil, to create illusion and materiality. A range of exciting materials to work with will be provided. Participants will be able to explore, by making textured creations, opposite notions such as beauty and monstrosity, looking at references to fashion, carnival, adornment, horror, disguise, tribal attire and even camouflage. The masked characters created will result in a colourful role-playing, experimenting with alternative representations of identity, leading us to think about the multiplicity of the self.

Following  a 50-minute  Dance workshop led by choreographer Chloe Aliyanni in the adjacent Performance Studio at Chisenhale Dance Space, we will continue to explore themes of duality and the juggling of opposites within ourselves. Participants will be encouraged to express, via simple movement tasks and dance, a range of feelings. Participants will explore these feelings also through shadow-play and by drawing/tracing the projected shadows and silhouettes on large sheets of paper provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.