Art and Dance Morning

Art and Dance Morning 

Sunday 16 October | 11:30-2 pm
Meet in Education Room, Chisenhale Studios | Finish the day in Performance Studio, Chisenhale Dance
Free to attend but please email us to reserve a place in advance:

Masks & Movement @ Chisenhale Art Place | Without Walls 2016

Children (ages 6-12) and their parents will be welcomed by Paz and Aliyanni in the Education Room, ground Floor at Chisenhale Studios. Following a short presentation, we will begin with a 45- minute painting workshop led by Alicia Paz, learning about collage and paint applied to portrait photographs. Children can use a A4 sized photograph of themselves or of another person. Colourful paint, paper, pompoms, glitter, feathers and other fun materials will be readily available. The masks can help us imagine what it is like to be another person, or an imaginary character. What does this say about who we are?

Following a short break and snacks provided, we will move to adjacent Dance Studio next door for a 45-minute dance/movement workshop, led by Chloe Aliyanni. Participants will pick a little paper out of a “magic box”, which will reveal a feeling that can be expressed though dancing and moving. How de we move when we feel a certain way? Can this become a dance? Can this dance be about more than one feeling? Paired participants will also play with projecting their shadows and silhouettes and tracing these on large sheets of paper provided.

We will end with a short feedback session.
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.