Astrology for Artists: The Moon is Illuminated by the Sun

The Moon is Illuminated by the Sun
Astrology for Artists

11 March | 1-5pm
Led by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze | £25 Ticket Link Here

COME & DISCOVER THE POSITION OF YOUR MOON IN YOUR NATAL CHART. We will look at which sign and house it falls and how it relates to what we need, what makes us feel safe and how we want to feel nurtured and protected.

We will deepen into the meaning of the Moon: the moon phases, how to follow the Lunar calendar, why does a new and full Moon affect that so much, what does it mean a Blue Moon or a Black Moon and – most importantly – which are the RITUALS we can do, how we can use this energy to help us decide, choose and move forward. Knowing what you need is vital to be able to ask for it!

We will also look under which Moon phase you were born. How does affect us if you were born on NEW MOON or FIRST CRESCENT, FIRST QUARTER, GIBBOUS MOON, FULL MOON, DISSEMINATING MOON, LAST QUARTER, BALSAMIC MOON?

Knowing this is a valuable insight into our character, emotions, behaviour and – most important – motivation in life.

Please email the following birth details to after you have purchased your ticket: Day, Month, Year / City, Country / Exact time (from birth certificate)

Led by Argentine­-born artist Madeleine Botet Lacaze, Astrology for Artists invites artists to explore the links between Astrology and the ways in which we express, act, think, feel but – most importantly – the ways search, get inspired and create work.

Tickets: £25 * * purchase in advance essential * *
Tickets: £15 for Chisenhale Dance Space members