Awaken Your Aphrodite

Awaken Your Aphrodite – Led by Renata Carvalho
Sunday 29th January 5-7pm
Research Studio

Embody your own transformative power on the Awaken Your Aphrodite circle, our first gathering of the year. You will be taken on a journey through movement, mindfulness and coaching-style exercises tailored to help you to reconnect with yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, re awaken to your own body and dreams and begin paving the path to your own becoming.

In this circle you will:

• Honour your own body and the messages it holds for you through a gentle and powerful wave of Intuitive Movement.

• Connect with the cycles of nature through intention and ritual: the New Moon brings the promise of new beginnings, renewed faith and opportunities for manifestation.

• Tap into the collective feminine power of a woman’s circle through listening, connecting and sharing.

The Aphrodite Way combines movement, mindfulness and coaching to assist women in forging a deeper connection with their bodies and their soul’s purpose, awakening, nourishing and embodying their creative and alchemical selves.