Join percussionist/multidisciplinary artist Angela Wai-Nok Hui, and contemporary art duo Ghost and John’s workshop at Chisenhale Dance Space leading up to their ongoing collaboration of ‘Bitter Moves Sweet Truths’ 2023 at Streatham Space Project 20-22 Apr.

“Even without Peter Pan’s pixie dust, we are still jumping out of our windows again and again. Efforts were made in vain, but we still hope to make a life well-lived in our next reprise. We, as migrant activist artists, always improvise for our survival.

Like the stargazers looking at galaxies light-years away, we continue to search for those who understand and connect with us. We are holding onto glimpses of hope as we wildly wander through the treacherous landscapes.

In our third yearly collaboration since 2020, we carefully keep the candle lights on.

We are all children in a long history of resistance.”

In this immersive and transportive journey, discover how Angela, Ghost and John create a fantastical world that they have developed by working together very closely.

Join us to learn more about their creative process before the show and how collaboration works in ‘making things happen’ using dance, spoken words, projection, music and sounds. The event is free and open to everyone.