Claudia Palazzo and Samuel Kennedy @Fiver Fridays

Claudia Palazzo and Samuel Kennedy
@Fiver Fridays
3 November  2017 |7:30pm | £5
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Claudia Palazzo

This is the first work in progress showing of Claudia’s newest project – gone to the dogs (that ain’t gold). A dance about females, desire and violence in urban environments. The fetishisation, displacement, trauma and ridiculousness of our territory. AHHHHH! Need to watch out for the cheap fish net! That ain’t gold, its fish. That ain’t gold, its fish! that ain’t gold. No pawnshop is gonna accept that. All i wanna do is over fish the ocean. I cant stay out the water too long though….and if i do she says my heart will stop forever and i believe her. I wish to be more than a silhouette, even though sportswear is having a revival.

The project is being supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, The Marlborough Theatre and with public funds from Arts Council England.

Samuel Kennedy

Samuel Kennedy is presenting a work in progress of a new live work, z. They walk together, they are uniform in their sickness, they are maimed, they are grotesque, excreting and exposed. They are we. It is under the cover of darkness that we may expose the façade of our most monstrous normalities


About the Artists:

Claudia Palazzo is an artist working across performance art, dance, cabaret and film. Her work exists somewhere between the nightclub, gallery and street. Palazzo spent a long time dancing in clubs, cages and podiums as well as for a wide range of other artists and companies. Her solo work starts from dancing, and physical experiences that tend to manifest joy and shame, activism and hedonism, desire and violence. Claudia focuses on the live experience as a place for highly charged connections.

Samuel Kennedy is an independent dance and performance artist based in London. As a maker he has performed his own work in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. His work can manifest as video, durational and installation based performances that are aesthetically driven. Whilst looking to unpick intersectional systems of oppression, his work also attempts to reconnect with the sublime in performance and employs action, artifice and image as the carriers of content.