Hosted by Rachel Elderkin

How do we create community as freelance artists? What does that look like in practice?  Where do we begin? Perhaps coffee, cake and conversation is a starting point…

As freelance artists in the dance sector we are ‘independent’ in every sense of the word. Alongside the freedom that independence offers there is also precariousness, financial and otherwise, and a scarcity of time, space and opportunity for connection. We are pushed further into our individual spaces and, sometimes, those spaces can be very lonely. Yet in reality, we are all part of a larger community sharing similar challenges.

So what do we need to better support ourselves and one another, to be a community, to move forward together? What are the positive steps we could take towards this change – whether that change lies within, or without, a system of institutional support?

Come and join a morning of guided questions and open conversation around ideas of support, community and connection as freelance artists in the dance sector. This will be a space to throw around ideas, share our thoughts and experiences and – most importantly – be together.