Coffee Morning: Performance = Therapy / The Politics of Consent

Coffee Morning:
Performance = Therapy / The Politics of Consent
Hosted by Stefan Jovanović

Tuesday 19th May | 11am – 2pm(ish)
Chisenhale Studios Education Room (Wheelchair Accessible)
Always Free
Rant. Chat. Eat.

What is the place of therapy in the performing arts? Where are the edges of consent?Let’s gather, share, discuss, debate, hold dissensus, show respect and talk about the delicate edge between therapy and the performing arts, and the ways in which the two disciplines are being integrated in dance practices today. As we currently find ourselves in a wave of artistic practices that deal with ritual, healing, working with social, societal and individual traumas, how do we negotiate safe spaces where these stories can be told and held, in an entertainment-driven market? Whether you’re a performing artist, a therapist, or neither, come and join us for this coffee morning!

Things to think about that can kick our conversation off:
What is audience-participation in contemporary dance and theatre practices in the UK today?
How do we define consent? How do we work with institutions to create thorough guidelines around consent?
How can dance create empathic movement that addresses our social traumas?
Who is liable? Who should be liable?
What is the intention behind offering healing methodologies in cultural spaces?

Image credit:
Katye Coe, Pau Aran Gimeno & Stefan Jovanović, photographed by Camilla Greenwell.


Stefan Jovanović is an architect, choreographer, therapist and the artistic director of dance-architecture company Studio Stefan Jovanović and therapy practice Kinship Constellations. Whilst qualifying as an architect and establishing a career in the performing arts, he trained as a systemic family constellator and somatic therapist; integrating these therapeutic modalities into his choreographic practice. He creates spaces and performances about the kinships of tomorrow, ideas of radical togetherness, and the healing of social and archetypal trauma.



This season’s Coffee Mornings will be hosted in the Education Room on the ground floor at Chisenhale Studios, and therefore are accessible by wheelchair. A range of seating arrangements are provided.  If you have other questions about access, please call us on 020 8981 6617 or email


About Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings are a way in which dance/performance makers and doers can talk about the relationships between issues of production, public policy and the politics of the artwork that they are making and doing. Each Coffee Morning has a different theme, and is led by a different artist or group. The events are free and open to all artists. We sit around the kitchen table and eat and talk. Snacks and hot drinks will be provided by CDS but please feel free to bring something.

Coffee Mornings at Chisenhale Dance Space were initiated in 2011 by Gillie Kleiman, and taken over in 2015 by Hamish MacPherson, both independent dance artists and members of the artistic community around the organisation. They are now facilitated by Es Morgan, CDS staff and artist Member. If you would like to host one, find out more here.