Hosted by Ghost and John

We are curious, from the perspective of migrant queer artists, how can stakeholders from various fields and communities be activated to collectively imagine a future where we focus on healing and collectivising?

After pandemics and major changes in the world’s geopolitics in the past few years, we can observe how people in the city are traumatised and finding it difficult to see a future where they can participate in driving changes. We need to change that by devising and building tools and strategies to hold safe and brave spaces for everyone.

This is a conversation for any cultural thinkers, practitioners or policy makers, to explore future thinking tools. Together we will scrutinise the current structures we have in holding people accountable as well as supporting people to achieve. Through careful examination of current trends and phenomena and inspecting the methods we are now using, we hope to collectively devise new models to provide better care and arenas for all in this city to thrive.