Hosted by Stefan Jovanović

Can the performing arts be therapeutic? What is the place of therapeutic methodologies within artistic practice? Where are the edges of consent?

Let’s gather, share, and talk about the delicate question of how trauma gets addressed through the performing arts using therapeutic modalities, and the ways in which the two disciplines are being integrated in dance practices today. We currently find ourselves in a wave of artistic practices that deal with ritual, healing, working with social, societal and individual traumas. How do we negotiate safe spaces where these stories can be told and held?

Things to think about that can kick our conversation off: What form does audience-participation take in contemporary dance and theatre practices in the UK today? How do we define consent in this relationship? What is the role and responsibility of institutions in hosting this form of work? How can dance hold space for the processing of social traumas? And should it? What do we understand liability to mean in this context? And what is the intention behind offering healing methodologies in cultural and artistic spaces?

Whether you’re a performing artist, a therapist, or curious, come and join us for cake and conversation.