Coffee Morning: Privilege

Tuesday 20 June 
11am – 2pm-ish

Wheelchair accessible
Always free

Education Room
Ground floor, Chisenhale Studios
64-84 Chisenhale Rd
London E3 5QZ


Coffee Morning
Rant. Chat. Eat.


Hosted by Simon Ellis and Hamish MacPherson

Privilege is not in and of itself bad; what matters is what we do with privilege.” (bell hooks). We’d like to discuss privileges: ours, yours, the dance community’s. We’d like to discuss the obvious privileges, the subtle privileges, the ones that sneak under our skin when we are dancing and choreographing and making films. We’d like to hear about how you have used and abused privileges, and when you’ve been on the receiving end of them. We’d like to discuss the work that we can do. There will be cake and there will be coffee, because nothing says privilege like sitting around on a week day morning drinking coffee and eating cake.

Simon Ellis is a choreographer, dancer, film-maker, dramaturge and teacher. He is from New Zealand but now lives in London. He is particularly interested in the limits and possibilities of collaboration in choreographic processes and is currently working with Shannon Bott (Melbourne), Colin Poole (as Colin, Simon and I), Eva Recacha, Hamish MacPherson, and Igor and Moreno. He is a board member of Chisenhale Dance Space. 

Hamish MacPherson is a London-based artist who makes workshops, games, performances, writings, images and other things in artistic, academic and community contexts. Current projects include THIS MOVEMENT, looking at how we use our bodies to make politics and Hard Care looking at care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice. He is an Artist Member of Chisenhale Dance Space.

The Coffee Mornings at Chisenhale Dance Space were initiated by Gillie Kleiman, an independent dance artist and proud member of the artistic community around the organisation, as a way in which dance-makers and -doers could talk about the relationships between issues of production, public policy and the politics of the cultural industries and the artwork that they are making and doing. The events are open to all artists and arts practitioners, whether or not they associate themselves with Chisenhale. We sit around the kitchen table and eat and talk. There have always been people there who know each other as well as those who don’t. There is a loosely-held format which includes a writing-up of the facilitators’ thoughts after the meeting Initially Gillie started off each time. Now the Coffee Mornings are led by different dance artists or artists’ groups each time and from 2015 Gille handed over the running to Hamish MacPherson, also a member of Chisenhale Dance Space.

Supported by Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment Fund.

Image: Hamish MacPherson based on design by Karen Lambæk