Collaboration Between Generations Commissions Showcase

Collaboration Between Generations Commissions Showcase

With Angela Andrew & Othella Dallas, and Jacky Lansley and Grace Nicol

Saturday 8th December 2018 | 6:00 – 8:30 pm (timings below)
Performance tickets £10 | Book online


This summer, in our 35th Birthday year, we launched an open call to commission two new performances, made as collaborations between different generations of dance artists associated with Chisenhale Dance. Join us for the first look at these two new projects from Angela Andrew & Othella Dallas, and Jacky Lansley & Grace Nicol, then join us for our 35th birthday party.

These commissions were made possible thanks to a generous donation from The Choreographer’s Gallery Trust and investment from Arts Council England, and will be presented as works in development.


Angela Andrew and Othella Dallas

6:00pm | Book Online


Fun fact, I attended a Lindy Hop workshop in 1987 and re-discovered Chisenhale in 2013.

Othella Dallas was a principle dancer of the Katherine Dunham Dance Company in the early 1940’s.  At 93 years young she is a carrier of an academic and corporal knowledge of the integration of African centred dances.

RADICAL: forming the root, inherent

The work is about legacy, about the transmission of dance via DNA. It’s a political dance around the politics of dance. It’s about me doing applied mathematics on the radical of black dance.

Surrounded by originators of African-American Jazz dance, my training happened informally as I assisted the elders in and out of the teaching environment.  The work is to develop the knowledge gained, to refine it and then to propagate it, NOT to share it.

The idea is that one can be ‘a part of the knowledge’ but one does not own it. Only a transient player. The definition of ‘it’ is the work / research.

Angela has been a Chisenhale Dance Member since 2015.


Jacky Lansley and Grace Nicol

7:45pm | Book Online


R-AGE is a conversation through dance, image and performance between a ‘young’ woman and an ‘older’ woman. The aim is to explore the power of women working together across generations and examine questions about women and age, including those frustrating generalisations which frame women as never being the right age.

Drawing on their working relationship and friendship over the last four years, Jacky Lansley and Grace Nicol will collaborate on devising a cross-disciplinary score, which will engage the audience in a series of challenging, humorous and radical questions about women, power, art and age.

Jacky and Grace consider their artistic dialogue as highly topical in a polarised Brexit Britain, in which conservative driven austerity has divided generations. Through performance, they will explore finding a common and intergenerational language that can contribute to positive collective action around these issues, within the arts and beyond.

Jacky is proud to be an original founder member of Chisenhale Dance Space and its predecessor X6 Dance Space. Grace has recently become a Chisenhale Dance Member after longstanding relationships with other Members. /


35 Years of Chisenhale:
A Birthday Party Fundraiser

8.30pm-11pm | Make a Donation to RSVP


2018 marks the 35th anniversary of Chisenhale Dance Space being incorporated as an organisation. Join us for a night to celebrate 35 years of experimentation, of community, of radicalism, of new art and new movement in the same space.

Featuring short performances by Chisenhale Dance Members, drinks including the ChisenALE cocktail, birthday cake, music, and perhaps (you never know?) a bit of dancing!

CDS is a registered charity and this is a fundraising event to support our public-facing artistic programme. Thanks to a continuing grant from the Backstage Trust, all entry donations will be matched (up to a total of £2500), so please consider giving generously.

Tickets (£10) for the commissions showcase include entry to the party, without a donation. Please consider making an additional donation of at least £5.